I have always loved the fact that we each came to the earth with our own set of talents and abilities and that we have to rely on one another in order to be successful. I have found great comfort in the fact that we all have weaknesses. It's our faults that make us loveable and human. Just ask my husband how much he loved me when he found out I could only cook fish sticks for the entire first year of our marriage! One day after I gave a talk in church a young mother came up to me, discouraged.

"I wish I could be more like you," she said.

This mother was an amazing woman whom I loved and admired, and she possessed many wonderful qualities that I did not. Her comment surprised me because for years I had wanted to be more like her! Because I had given a spiritual talk she saw me at a strong point in my day. If only this very organized lady had seen me that morning when I was scrambling around trying to find the lost church shoes in all the uncleaned nooks and crannies of my house...or the night before when I was taking comfort in a huge bag of potato chips.

I began to wonder if this was a common theme: if all women saw other mothers as more perfect, more organized, more attractive, more whatever! This is not true! Every one of us has differing talents and strengths, and all types of people are needed in order to perform the great tasks we are given as women in the kingdom of God.

We all have struggles and imperfections. Each one of us will experience some failure each day, and that was part of the plan. That is why a Savior was provided for us. These thoughts inspired me to write a book in order to help women laugh together and love each other, instead of getting down on themselves.

These days, when many women live so far away from their families, I think we become isolated and forget to laugh with one another and gather strength from each other's stories. I hope the book and the website will be a catalyst for more love, more discussion, more realization that imperfections are part of the plan, and ultimately more strength in our divine roles as mothers.







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